Dear Sirius Chain Node Owners,

We are excited to announce a crucial software upgrade for our Sirius Chain network, scheduled for January 4th. This upgrade is designed to enhance the performance, security, and overall efficiency of the network.

Key Features of the Upgrade:
1. Weighted Voting consensus
2. Dynamic Byzantine Reliable Broadcast (DBRB)
3. Storage plugins
4. Streaming plugins
5. SDA-SDA exchange

Update details on the Sirius Chain Network Software Upgrade
Upgrade Details:
• Date: 4th Jan 2024
• Time: 14.20 UTC
• Block Height: 8,719,006
• Note; Confirmation of new transactions may take longer than usual or timed out depending on the time for a new block to be generated during the new Weighted Voting consensus.

Actions Required:
Harvesting Account Registration:
• Node owners participating in staking XPX for harvesting new blocks must register their harvesting account by following the instructions provided here. –

System Compatibility Check:
• Node owners are required to follow the instructions outlined in this upgrade guide to ensure their systems are compatible with the upgraded software version. –

We strongly urge all node owners to actively participate in this crucial upgrade to guarantee the continued reliability and security of the Sirius Chain network.

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.