We are delighted to announce that the ProximaX tech team has opened some of the stable builds of the blockchain SDKs (Software Development Kits). Head over to the wiki page of each SDK to get started!


The following apps running on the test network that can be utilised for your development: Test Network Nodes = bctestnet1.xpxsirius.io, bctestnet2.xpxsirius.io Test Network Explorer — allows you to monitor and explore the test network blockchain. Test Network XPX Faucet — get a few 100XPX for your testing. Test Network Generic Wallet — test out basic transfers.

What can you do with the Blockchain Software Development Kits?

Software Development Kit libraries are primarily used to interface and communicate with the blockchain. Hence, the SDKs above can be used by developers to build their applications by importing them on the respective platforms that they are working on.

Calling all contributors and maintainers

Any contribution is crucial to our progress. You can test, or even push a PR and we will review your changes. We have more SDKs in the pipeline and even though we released a few, there will be much more to be done as we add changes to the blockchain core server code.

In addition to these SDKs, we have a few more that need to be stablised. We are open to negotiating bounties to potential contributors!

Other Software Development Kits (Storage/Streaming)

Concurrenly, we are working on Storage and Streaming SDKs. The reference implementation will be made available soon and we will require TS and JS developers to build the TSJS SDK for Storage. We currently have a Golang as a reference implementation guide. Feel free to ping me on telegram @Brambear if you are interested.