Kryptono Exchange — the new world-class cryptocurrency exchange opening for trading on June 1, 2018 — is pleased to announce that XPX will be among the first tokens to list on the exchange.

ProximaX (with its NEM-based token XPX) is designed to dramatically change the way industries adopt blockchain technology as it addresses multiple industry needs by combining blockchain, storage, streaming and advanced consensus algorithm to enable an all-in-one platform for cross-industry applications and decentralized app development. The core components of the blockchain and Distributed File Management System (DFMS) are abstracted to form a service layer, thereby giving rise to an easy-to-program ProximaX solution that will allow businesses and innovators to avoid costly and failure-prone architecture. Ultimately, ProximaX eliminates long-standing problems present within traditional blockchain solutions. Use cases include but are not limited to supply chain management, KYC processes, business continuity, video streaming, health, identity, IOT records management, big data applications, records and reporting systems, traceability, legal and notary services, video streaming, workforce collaboration, and messaging and supply chain management. ProximaX is a leap forward to provide a holistic solution that combines on-and-off-chain services and protocols. It’s a revolution: blockchain reimagined and evolved.

“We are honored and excited to introduce XPX, TRX and GTO to our traders. We want to create a convenient and inclusive platform for cryptocurrency traders”, said Dr. William H. Nguyen.

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