We are pleased to inform everyone that the Sirius Chain main network will undergo an upgrade from version 0.4.3 to 0.6.2.

We highly recommend that all Sirius Chain nodes pull the 0.6.2 version docker image to upgrade.

What exactly is going to happen

There will be two upgrades, software, and a configuration upgrade. The software upgrade will install the following fixes as part of Sirius Chain 0.6.2

Tech Notes
Supercontract activation
Reworked block difficulty calculation
Improved config holder implementation
Fixed exchange patricia tree and several bugs in exchange plugin
Updated cache height on rolling back blocks
Fixed deadlock in node selection

The configuration upgrade will introduce new modules specifications which are directly related to the upcoming Sirius Storage and Sirius Supercontracts main network launch.

Action items by ProximaX team

  • Run the upgrade mechanism script.
  • Upgrade the internal nodes to 0.6.2.
  • Ensure that the Sirius Chain SDK reference implementation is up-to-date.
  • Smoke test Sirius Chain wallet and explorer.
  • Smoke test the decentralized exchange mechanism.

Action items that need to be taken

For public validators, we highly recommend that the public Sirius Chain validator participants upgrade their nodes. Note that if a participant node fails to upgrade, the node will not be able to validate blocks. Please follow the steps indicated here.

Also, we would like to emphasize the importance of using delegates or multisignature as validator keys. The best way to associate stakes on the validator node is by using delegate validating. It ensures that the accounts with staked coins are decoupled from the validator node, which in turn protects the account keys from any unauthorized access on the validator node.

For Sirius Chain Software Development Kit developers, the SDK reference implementation has been adjusted to reflect the new changes from the Sirius Chain. Please do the necessary adjustment on your respective SDKs for this. The SDK reference implementation can be reviewed here.

For external Sirius Chain project owners, it is highly advisable to use 0.6.2 version as it resolved critical stability issues. Please make sure you evaluate and consider creating a migration / upgrade plan for this.

For developers, make sure you get the latest SDK versions. There are no breaking changes on Sirius Chain endpoint, just additional ones that the SDK needs to wrap up. Make sure the proper migration is in place on your application.

Next Steps

We will wait for a month or so to monitor Sirius Chain stability. Once we have an adequate level of confidence in its block generation, we’ll prepare for the Sirius Storage and Sirius Supercontracts main network launch. This will require a configuration upgrade to enable the plugins.

With regards to opening up the source of Sirius Chain, we will open up the server and REST-API shortly after the upgrade to allow external parties to utilize our code. The entire Sirius Chain was designed to have a plugin mechanism and allow integration with mainstream technologies.