ProximaX Mainnet is launched! Genesis block created on 25th September 2019
Blockchain Reimagined and Evolved Blockchain Reimagined and Evolved

Over the past several months, the entire technology team has been busy building and perfecting the next web 3.0 platform.

Update 01: Sirius Chain version 0.4.2 - Brimstone Release | Main Network Launch

The release of Sirius Chain last September 25th has seeded the events that will happen over the course of the next six months. The sirius chain as the distributed ledger will need be as stable and as effective/performant as it can be in order for other layers to utilize it. Sirius Chain has gone into internal development since the beginning and is now ready for primetime.

The Brimstone release packs a lot of blockchain features, performance improvements and optimization catered for mission-critical applications.

Core Features available

  • Default public key infrastructure to generate Sirius Address/Accounts
  • Mosaics/Assets that can be used to represent real world assets
  • Namespaces to be used to represent a digital domain name for any individual or business entity
  • Metadata for data extensions that can be added to state data objects such as Accounts, Mosaics or Namespaces
  • Transactions such as normal transfers, multisignatures, aggregated bonded and complete
  • Account filtering and restrictions
  • Cross-chain or internal atomic swap between different Sirius Chains

Upgrade mechanism In order to smooth blockchain software upgrades bound software versions to the blockchain height, added ability to store blockchain configuration in the blockchain itself and to apply appropriate version of plugins and configuration at given height:

  • Added blockchain upgrade transaction plugin
  • Added blockchain configuration upgrade transaction plugin
  • Added blockchain version validation
  • Added blockchain configuration cache
  • Added blockchain configuration manager (holder) allowing to get the configuration at given height
  • Added version validation of transactions and blocks
  • Added sub caches enabling/disabling
  • Versionized notifications

Performance Optimization

  • ASAN, TSAN and UBSAN Fixes
  • MongoDB upgrade
  • Mutable and Immutable configuration separations
  • Mosaic transfer validation to disallow 0 amount/fee transactions
  • Fixed a few data race issues found via TSAN runs.
  • Fixed a few memory leaks found via ASAN runs.

All of these complies with our Blockchain Security expert hacken.

Update 02: Sirius Chain SDKs

With the release of the production version (Brimstone) of Sirius Chain comes with an upgrade of the associated Software Development Kits. Aside from the upgrades to support the new functional items, the SDKs were updated to include the default fee structure that uses coefficient and a cap fee.

Check out all the open Sirius Chain SDKs here

Update 03: Sirius Chain Tools (Explorer, Faucet and Wallets)

Sirius Chain explorer, wallet and the test network faucet is now up and running on our environments.

Test Network version of these tools are also available.

Update 04: Sirius Chain Swap Mechanism Development

Sirius Chain SWAP/BURN mechanism was integrated within the wallet. This will allow any NIS1 XPX holders to swap out their tokens for Sirius Chain XPX. Find out more about the swap process here

Update 05: High Level Technical White-paper

The high-level technical white-paper was published and is now available for download. This version was a bit less technical and is targeted more for business/non-tech savvy users. A raw technical paper will be published soon.

Get a copy of the high-level tech white-paper here

Update 06: Sirius Chain Test Network Validator Program

Validators are the backbone of the Sirius Chain. These actors perform the necessary generation and validation of blocks that ensures the integrity of the chain. In line with this, we have launch a participation program to allow our public community to participate as a Test Network validator.

We have launch the validator program on our test network. This allows the community to run Sirius Chain validators that are directly connected to our test network.

Get started with launching your own test network node here

Update 07: Sirius Chain Distributed Transaction Spam and Performance Testing

We built a few scripts that triggers a distributed announcement of different types of transactions. This has given us a rough estimate of the performance metrics. In our last test, we

Update 08: Sirius Storage Predator Pre-Beta Release 5.0.0

We now have the pre-beta of Sirius Storage code name Predator. This release comes with all the core Sirius Storage file management system functions.

Root Introducing Root - an entry point to the DFMS network. Using Root you can connect and interact with other Roots on the network. Root allows devs to embed it inside their application making them part of their application or Root can be used as standalone application like dfms and dfmsr (DFMS Replicator)


  • New design and architecture to modularize components for easier development of extensions.
  • Standardized for remote, local and embedded usage
  • Convenient usability for future devs
  • Better, more efficient and modularized design

CLI (Command Line Interface)

  • Is now directly integrated to an applications
  • Allows accessing remote and local nodes


  • Common FS like API to access data stored on Drive


  • Protocol/technology powering the PoRep of DFMS

FairStream Protocol/technology which allows payed streams between nodes

Update 09: Sirius Storage libraries

Sirius Storage HTTP Client library is now available in golang and further libraries will be built on different platforms.

Update 10: Sirius Super Contract VM and SDK

The initial build for Sirius Super Contract SDK is up and is now being tested internally.

Update 11: Sirius Streaming

Update 12: Application Development

Aside from the core platform updates, we're working on applications that uses the platform.



Upcoming: ProxiGram and ProxiWall