We are pleased to announce that after months of toiling and testing, our core developers have successfully upgraded Sirius Chain to v0.9.0.

All registered harvesters in the network will have the opportunity to be part of a committee which will be put in place in the upcoming v1.0.0 where the Weighted Voting mechanism will be introduced. Weighted Voting enhances the original base mechanism for block confirmation through the use of the Fast Finality.

*Committee is a new plugin that registers harvesters in Sirius chain and stores harvesting account public keys and characteristics in cache. A committee is required so that we can achieve fast finality which is required for a number of use cases, particularly for storage.

Owners of Sirius Chain nodes can now be registered as harvesters in the network. To register, a node owner will need to send an “Add Harvester” transaction to register their harvesting account with the committee manager*. The harvesting account is the account stored in the config-harvesting.properties file of each participating node.

Instructions to upgrade the node can be found in ProximaX GitHub repository: