We are proud to announce that we have just published our technical whitepaper along with papers on the storage token economy, macro modelling, and contract design. These all can be accessed via the links below.

High-level Technical Whitepaper

The technical whitepaper (version 1.0) is a high-level design of the platform’s solution. It tackles the technical attributes of each layer, and the approach to macromodelling and token economics. It also provides step-by-step descriptions of the platform’s processes.


Storage Contract Model – Traceability Requirements

This document describes all possible components of the system and scenarios using a list of logically descriptive steps for the storage contract. It also describes how the new storage contracts are modelled to solve the cases as per specifications.


Storage Tokenomics Research

The research describes the token economy model of the storage schema based on the business specification of the token (XPX and stable coin).


Storage Macroeconomic Model

This is the environment/macro modelling variables/inputs document used to simulate different behaviours of storage tokenomic scenarios.


Upcoming Papers

There will be updates to the technical whitepaper as we make further progress. In addition, we will be publishing a few papers (original work) that will tackle storage streaming and super contracts.

IPFS’d papers: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmVt2cNjXJBYbjSQPKCF6E9qMzGKXaUTbq3VDueavtcZPJ