Dear Supporters,

We are pleased to announce that we have started swapping tokens after the release of the ProximaX Sirius Wallet for mobile, desktop, and web. These wallets are designed to enable a simple, intuitive and secure swap of your XPX tokens from NEM to the Sirius blockchain. However, please remember to SAVE YOUR PRIVATE KEYS before using the wallets.

Mobile wallet:

Web wallet


  1. MXC, Bilaxy, and ProBit have now swapped.
  2. Only Sirius-XPX are accepted for deposits and withdrawals, not NEM-XPX.

Swap deadline:

Your NEM-XPX will remain on the NEM blockchain until the NEM blockchain is deprecated (obsolete). You are advised to swap as soon as possible, as your XPX will have no use on the NEM blockchain.

Swap steps:

1. Save and store your (NEM) NIS1 private keys before starting the swap process.

2. Download/access the Sirius wallet.

3. Create a Sirius account wallet by importing your NIS1 account private key.

4. Select “SWAP” to begin the swap process and enter the quantity of XPX to be exchanged.

5. Once the transaction is confirmed and executed, your balance will be shown in the ProximaX Sirius wallet.

Swap for multisig account steps:

Any co-signatory to a multisig account can initiate a swap.

1. One of the co-signatories of the multisig account downloads/accesses the Sirius wallet.

2. He creates a Sirius account by importing his NIS1 account private key.

3. He selects “SWAP” to begin the swap process and enters the quantity of XPX.

4. He then selects to create a multisig transaction.

5. The system validates the multisig transactions and it is sent to the NIS1 network to be signed by the other co-signatories of the multisig account. The co-signatories must sign-off within 24 hours.

6. Once the transaction is confirmed, the swap takes place and the XPX balance is shown in the Sirius account.

Transaction fees:

A swap transaction fee is charged by the networks.

Swap deadline:

We encourage all XPX holders to do the swap as soon as possible as we have no control over the maintenance of the (NEM) NIS1 network.

Help with swapping:

For further assistance, join our Telegram Helpdesk to chat directly with our support team or post your issue on the ProximaX Forum.