ProximaX, the revolutionary platform that combines blockchain, storage, streaming and an advanced consensus algorithm, announces to launch its ICO on the 15th until the 25th of April 2018

To allow a sustainable service that enables broader x-industry application and decentralized app (DApp) development, ProximaX is inviting interested contributors to buy its native token coin, XPX, through the ICO. Tokens will be sold in stakes. Each stake would cost USD$750 exclusive of transaction fees, conversion costs or other costs. Minimum contribution would be 0.1 stake or USD$75. The number of XPX that will be received per stake will only be known at the end of the ICO after dividing 5 billion tokens (available XPX to be distributed in the token sales) to the number of total stakes raised in the ICO. A KYC registration must first be accomplished to participate in the ICO.

Register now to avoid delays. KYC registration and approvals will be ongoing during the ICO.

To know more about ProximaX, here’s the link to the whitepaper: