Over the past eight months, the ProximaX core development team worked in tandem with seven full-time researchers that included leading professors in the academic field of core blockchain development. 

Today, the ProximaX core development team is progressing strongly and reaching the final phases of development. Improved technical designs have provided a direct path for completing ProximaX Sirius, a world-first all-in-one blockchain development platform with decentralized storage, streaming, and contracts. 

Our updated whitepaper, written for a non-technical audience, introduces these new designs. We plan to couple this with a technical paper post platform launch. 

Design updates include: 

  1. Storage layer (Sirius Storage): 

Redesign of decentralized drive creation, data upload, modification, and download. New protocols were created for collective decision-making for payments, verification, and synchronization. 

  1. Streaming layer (Sirius Stream): 

Redesign of decentralized live stream creation and transmission. Addition of new protocols for sponsorship and mass content distribution.

  1. Contract layer (Supercontract): 

Redesign of decentralized Supercontract deployment, execution, and closure. New protocols were introduced for batch executions and verification. 

  1. Content Review layer: 

Redesign of decentralized content review to enable files to be categorized, searchable, censored and banned. 

Find out more: ProximaX Sirius Whitepaper.