We’re inviting all system administrators, developers, and technical people to test out our Sirius Chain test network nodes.

Follow the instructions here to set up your own node.

What are Sirius Chain nodes?

Sirius Chain is an autonomous distributed ledger that relies on a distributed network of nodes across the globe. These nodes are responsible for the integrity of the blockchain by continuously validating blocks of chained data. By participating as a Sirius Chain test network Validator, a node participant can take part in growing the network that maintains the Sirius Chain blockchain.

Why are we expanding Sirius Chain Test network nodes?

The power of distributed ledger technology can only be measured by the number of participants and we believe that by creating test network nodes, we’re creating a network that can be relied upon by projects that are building their minimum viable products (MVPs) and proof of concepts (PoCs).

This is a precursor to our main network launch.

Support Group

Join the group here for guidelines and how to acquire your initial stakes.